Divorce Mediation Services in Toronto

A family in need of our divorce mediation services in Toronto

Family Mediation (sometimes referred to as Divorce Mediation) is a process that assists parents in resolving disputes about family issues such as child-related decision making, shared time with the child(ren), and safety issues.

Using a collaborative,  family-centred approach, Merrill specializes in working with families to help create a personalized parenting plan that meets the unique needs of the family. 

Family mediation is a voluntary process, so if at any time, one of the participants is unhappy with the process, they can withdraw from mediation. Once an agreement is reached, the mediator will write up the agreement so each parent can have it reviewed by their lawyer before signing.  

Please note: This process is not appropriate for everyone, particularly in cases of domestic violence or abuse, or if an imbalance of power resulted in one party feeling fearful or intimidated by the other party.